Thoughts for the Week: We Are the Church

It’s seldom that I have to search for the THOUGHTS each week. This week, I believe that the Lord pulled me up sharply with a message that we all know but sometimes forget or ignore. On 15th March my house was put up for sale so, of course, I had things on my mind regarding that, but it was not what the Holy Spirit prompted me to bring into the THOUGHTS today. Instead, it was the question which I have heard many times during the Lockdowns: What is going to happen to the chapel? The only answer I can give is that God knows the situation we are in and He will decide the future for us so long as we stay connected to the chapel by serving God and keeping the faith with prayer. A week ago, Lisa drove me round Long Itchington with beautiful bunches of daffodils, connecting with the chapel but not by going into the building. Answering that question in another way. The answer is ‘us’. We are the church, without us there is no church.
As some of you who are Long Itchington chapel people might remember, about 4 years ago the Long Compton Ebenezer chapel was in danger of being closed but that was not on their agenda. With a lot of ideas, a great deal of belief in what the chapel was there for, and with prayer the chapel remained open. And I would love for you to see what has been achieved by those who answer the question, “What is going to be done with the chapel?” The answer is the same: You are the chapel. No matter how many you are, you are the church.


Dearest Lord Jesus,
I know that I have let children and sometimes even adults have fun in the Chapel, but I also know that me and my helpers would be helping them to learn about You. Lord, I ask that the quite large number of children who have been in our chapels will have remembered the stories about you through them coming into your buildings. Lord Jesus, take this prayer and a prayer for all those children that they might have or are growing up to know you as their ever-loving friend. Amen.
Caring Father God, We pray today for Chris Mellers, a man who brought his gift of preaching into our church, a man who is a blessing to know, a man who loves you and who now is very ill. Lord we put him into your loving hands and, if it is your will, may he have more time in his life to serve you yet again. Amen.
Holy Spirit, Let us never forget that no matter how many we have in worship with us we are all your church and that our Saviour Jesus Christ will be there in the midst of us. Whether we are young or old, if you are planning to call us for service may we be willing and able to be your church. Amen.
Father God, You will be aware of a family whose daughter Sarah was murdered in a dreadful way. Please take our prayers to comfort them in a way only you can. AMEN

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