Thought for the Week: We Will Be Back

Bluebells in my garden
Those were words said regarding Coventry City of Culture 2021 about the preparations which had been cancelled because of COVID-19. No doubt we could all list things that had to be cancelled during the time of lockdown and have caused us disappointment, so ‘WE WILL BE BACK’ seemed to be positive thinking for the future while we continue to stay at home to save lives.
Our other thought for this week is for all the people who have lost loved ones. You might recall that last week’s thought was called, ‘What would Jesus do?’ Today I want to tell you what Jesus did when He met two people who were walking home in great distress because their Master had been Killed and with His death all hope for a better life had gone.
The story is in Luke 24 v13-33. As they walked home, Jesus came along side of them but they didn’t know Him. He asked them why they were so sad, then listened to them, answered their questions and stayed with them until they were safely home.
We can do what Jesus did for people we know who are losing loved ones.
As I sat basking in the sun I counted it as a blessing, for my garden has become a wild flower meadow with about 17 species of wild flowers, birds and bees and buttercups. It almost seems that nature has helped us through the bad times and people have noticed that the sky is a deeper blue now and although it might be caused by less traffic it could still be a Godsend regarding climate change.


Ever loving Father
We thank you once again for giving us your Son Jesus
Who is alive and always with us to help us when we are unsure.
We pray for all who have lost loved ones through COVID-19.
We ask that the equipment the Doctors, Nurses, and all carers need will be ready for them.
We ask that when we know someone who is bereaved
we will remember what Jesus did
And do likewise.
Help us to look forward to the time when we can begin again
And never let us complain about lockdown which saves lives
And helps all people to live to the day when the saying ‘WE WILL BE BACK’
will be true for all
In Jesus name

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