Thoughts for the Week: Parable of the Corms

I am recalling one of my earliest Thoughts for the Week which was called WE WILL BE BACK, and in spite of the way things are now with more restrictions, with faith and prayer we can believe as it says in Psalm 60 – with God we have the victory and we will be back. Today I have borrowed one of the words that Jesus used for teaching; yes, it is a parable.


Some Gladioli made their way inside
when the high winds blew them over!
Before COVID 19 and the lockdown I bought two packs of rather ugly looking corms and planted them around the edges of my lawns and waited in hope of eventually having lots of mixed Double Freesia plants as it promised on the card. I waited and waited, and watered when I remembered. I didn’t have much of a problem making sure the sun was on them, but there was no sign of any flowers. Then one morning I spotted a few tiny shoots but was not impressed. I continued to wait and slowly the shoots became leaves and were growing taller and taller but still no flowers. By July, all round my garden were 24inch leaves except on the top of one leaf something like a petal appeared. Oh well, I said to myself, I should be satisfied with it. August came and I looked for the double freesias but the packet did say mixed and mixed they certainly were, for day after day on all of the tall leaves beautiful Gladioli flowers had broken through and it made me think and look for Bible passages to share with you. Hence THE PARABLE OF THE CORMS.
“Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16. v7
Prayer is an awesome responsibility that should not be taken lightly. 1 Peter 1 v17
Prayer may not be answered immediately.
Prayer may not give us the things we ask for.
The Lord assigns our tasks. 1 Corinthians 3 v5
And Paul planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. We are God’s workers. 1 Corinthians 3 v9
Praise the Lord who satisfies your desires with good things. Psalm 103 v1 & 5


Lord Jesus,
We have chosen just a few things that have come into our minds that may make us think. Lord Jesus we come now with our thanks for the promises we have from you, which help us to keep calm during this difficult time. Lord Jesus you promised that you would never leave us like orphans and that the Holy Spirit would always be with us. We thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of the Holy Spirit who helps us when we find that the words we want to pray with are out of our reach and He intercedes and passes the words to our Father God for us.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, you are close to us when we feel weak and tired and we experience times when we reach out and get side-tracked by the news of so many deaths. Lord Jesus, help us to hold on to your way so that our fears are beaten by the light of life that never goes out. When we find ourselves walking in the dark remind us that we too are the light of the world and that others may need to know that we can help them with the Holy Spirit’s truth and power. Thank you Jesus, Amen

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