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Thought for the Week: All Change

ascension of Jesus Christ

Today’s thoughts are about changes and the Ascension of Jesus Christ.

Following Easter Sunday, Jesus was showing His disciples that he was resurrected and alive, but not all of the people who were told about His change were able to accept it. Some were uncertain.
Nine weeks ago, the lives of people throughout the world were changed, not all in the same way but they were changed. Some were heard to say that they had lost their freedom and others just looked for someone to blame.
Today, we will think about what the Ascension meant at the time when it happened and what it means to us today at this time of uncertainty – yes, uncertainty, because no one understands how COVID-19 will react from now on.
On the day of Ascension, the people were looking up at the sky, and I imagine it was because they were still uncertain about where Jesus was. Two men dressed in white appeared, angel messengers from God who said to the onlookers, “Why are you looking up, Jesus has gone to His Father God in heaven and will return as He promised”.

We need have no uncertainty because we have the truth a) that Jesus is alive, b) that He is with God, c) that He will return one day in the future, d) the love that God has for us never changes because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and e) the ministry of Jesus on earth becomes our ministry.
Throughout these past nine weeks, we have been told firstly, to do certain things to save the lives of other people and secondly to be safe. That is the same today. We have done what Jesus did and many have given their lives for others. The prayers for today were written 7 years before the pandemic by Karen Campbell for Ascension Day.
Before we come to the time of prayer I hope you will forgive me for including my cat in the thoughts again…I have learned a lot since having Nala 3 months ago. Many people find change very difficult to handle and are uncertain about doing new things. I tend to be untidy and put things down in haste instead of putting them back where I got them from. Nala has her own way of putting me in my place. As soon as she comes across something new or something out of place she will sniff it, stand by it, look at me with her beautiful big eyes and even make her strange cat talk at me and wait for me to put things right. As we read the prayers we may feel that God is speaking to us about putting things in our lives right while we make the necessary changes.



Inviting God,
You call us to work as partners with you, in and for your world.
Show us how to live your kingdom into being inspired by the love of the risen Christ,
Now seated at your right hand.
Sustaining God, you call us to be as Christ in our world,
Starting here, where we live and work and dream. By your Spirit, grant us wisdom to discern your will,
When to wait, and when to move,
When to be silent and when to speak, when to be stubborn, and when to change,
Show us how to live your kingdom into being
Immersed in the love of the risen Christ now seated at your right hand.
Loving God, you see when the road seems too long,
When the task seems too great, when we encounter hostility or disbelief,
And the world laughs at the foolishness of the gospel
When we are tired, disheartened and ready to give in, remind us that we are a people of power,
Show us how to live your kingdom into being empowered by the love of the risen Christ
Now seated at your right hand. Amen