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Be Still and Know that I Am God

Be Still and know that I am God (Psalm 46 v 10)

Dear Friends,

be still and know that I am GodHaving spent much of the last six months using the Bumble Bee to teach the Ten Commandments to children in a way they understand, I was surprised and pleased to see a page in my ‘Grace’ magazine with the title ‘BEE NICE’.

A quote of Albert Einstein says “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left.”

This was not another of those wild statements that the world would end on a certain day, but a request for us to play our part in turning round the decline of the honey bee and bumble bee. Perhaps there should be an eleventh commandment, “Bee nice to God’s Creation.”

I am very grateful for the Lord’s help in using the Bee to teach such things as thankfulness, truthfulness, faithfulness, calmness, and the latest subject, respect, so I felt that the children and I should see how we could repay the bumble and honey bee. With Roger’s help and expertise we will plant special flowers and shrubs as a Bumble Bee treat for next year.

Why did I begin with the verse from Psalm 46?

It might surprise you to know that eighteen lively children can “BEE STILL”! In our weekly prayer time they can and do, and yet so often we, the adults, find it hard to ‘be still’ and know that we are with God. Too often our anxieties or our busyness take away our peace and stillness as we pray.

Remember that Jesus said, “You ┬ámust become like little children”. Why? Because sometimes they can teach us to know Him better.

Love and peace to you all,